Digital learning for the modern medical world.

Expert Resources in an Agile World

Data science for the lab, delivered to your device.

Independent & Agile

We’re a small, independent company on a mission to promote digital learning for the doctors and scientists of tomorrow. Our small size allows us to be agile and flexible.

Expert Knowledge

Created and maintained by physicians, Ventrad projects are made by subject-matter experts. We strive to create quality content you can trust.

Innovative & Fresh

From digital slides with impressive zoom functionality to collaborations with informatics physicians, we’re on the leading edge of digital learning.

Adaptive Learning

Whether on the go or studying at home, Ventrad creates responsive products that can be used on a variety of electronic devices.

As the medical world evolves, so should your approach to learning. Prepare for the medical challenges of tomorrow with digital learning today.

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Current Ventrad Projects


  • Online pathology question bank with 1200+ high quality images and virtual slides
  • Trackable progress, timed practice tests
  • Wide-ranging subscription options
  • Detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers
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